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About this blog

Radar technology is complex, and the various applications of this innovative technology are unknown to many.  The term radar is generally associated only with speed traps in road traffic, airspace surveillance, or weather radar. This blog’s primary purpose is to better familiarise readers with this fascinating technology by means of informative articles about radar sensor systems. Furthermore, readers attain insights into the corporate environment of InnoSenT GmbH, can discover interesting articles about the latest technology topics, and are informed of the company’s newest developments.

In this growing information portal about radar technology, the authors hope to be able to share their know-how and enthusiasm for this field with readers. Launched in May 2018, the blog regularly features new content about technology trends, radar technology and its areas of application (such as security technology, smart home, road traffic surveillance), current projects and developments by InnoSenT GmbH, product information, and company news.

What and who is the backround of this blog?

This blog is maintained by InnoSenT GmbH, a leading radar technology company from Germany. Here, the company’s employees post blog entries and specialist articles about various topic areas included in the blog. Also technical, specialist articles by numerous company engineers are to be featured in this blog. In order to foster technological progress, the radar experts at InnoSenT GmbH view it as a crucial task to transfer their knowledge to interested persons, but also business partners and customers. Besides specialist publications by experts and for experts, InnoSenT GmbH generally wishes to draw attention to the significance of radar as a future technology by means of blog posts geared towards the general public.

About InnoSenT GmbH

At the company’s headquarters in Donnersdorf, currently about 70 engineers and radar experts are continuously developing innovative radar applications meant to make the future smarter, more secure, and more convenient. Its strong focus on development and quality has made InnoSenT one of the global leaders in the field of radar technology since its founding in 1999. Now the team consisting of over 170 employees acts as a globally successful B2B company in the field of radar technology. Through unparalleled radar applications, InnoSenT has made itself a name in the areas of security, traffic, smart home, automotive, and level measurement. The company also draws on its years of expertise as a manufacturer of electronic components in its role as an EMS service provider.

As a driving technological force in its sector, InnoSenT GmbH strives for continued development and the expansion of its own competencies. This objective is firmly anchored in the company’s corporate culture and spurs on employees and management to continuously improve products and processes and venture down new paths. It is in this line of thinking that this blog was launched in May 2018.

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