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Project Description

Interview "New Radar Solutions with Smart Tracker"

New radar solutions for the security sector

Interview with InnoSenTs Product Management

InnoSenT continuously works on the implementation of new ideas. The radar experts focus on finding out how the technology helps to make our everyday lives smart, comfortable & safe. Only with technological progress can the full potential be realised. As a pioneer, InnoSenT drives the technology forward and dares to venture down new paths. Most recently, further development of the security radar took centre stage. In the following interview, Dr Eva Maria Buchkremer from Product Management at InnoSenT GmbH reports on the latest security radar solutions.

3 questions for Product Management

What makes the new products so special?

EB: The highlight is the tracker license. With it, our customers have access to our Smart Tracker. The tracking function enables radar detections to be clustered. This combines individual detections together and depicts them as a track. The system thus monitors the various objects or persons over time that are within the coverage range. The tracks illustrate the object’s movement behaviour. This track does not get lost when a person briefly stops moving, for instance. The tracking feature facilitates system integration for our customers. Without the tracker, customers must assess the raw data themselves and decide which of the numerous radar detections are relevant. With the tracking function, we take on the development work for radar signal processing for them. For companies without radar know-how, correct evaluation proves to be a major challenge. Some fail at this hurdle, since the technology is very complex.

What objective did you pursue during development?

EB: Our aim is to create real added value through the use of our radar technology. In this case, we focused on a specific problem that we wanted to solve. We learned that our customers were having a great deal of difficulty with system integration and signal processing. They lacked the resources and radar expertise to carry out the necessary development work. Thanks to the new products with the tracker licence, radar is also available to these customers and facilitates implementation and application for them. The thus shortened time-to-market phase represents a clear competitive edge for all our customers. As a result of this further development, it is not only the sector’s big companies who reap the rewards of this technology.

The new systems are intended for outdoor area surveillance, so we thus optimally adapted their features to this purpose. They reveal their full range of skills, for example, at an industrial site. Because by means of freely definable ignore and alarm zones, users can easily hide irrelevant areas. This way, adjacent roads or walkways, bushes, or other installations can be hidden in the coverage area.

The products are ideal for merging technologies. The combination of radar and security cameras has proven particularly effective. The security monitoring is optimised via the supporting radar technology and the false alarm rate is noticeably reduced.

What challenges arose in product development?

EB: With these products, we are venturing down new paths in the security sector and drawing closer to the end use. With the Smart Tracker, we deliver not only a radar component, but also comprehensive signal processing. For this purpose, we have intensified our development work.

We have also established a new approach in order not to lose sight of the benefits to our own customers and the end customers. Here, Product Management has taken on an important role: we act as an intermediary between customers and our technical experts. In doing so, we pinpoint our customers’ main problems and translate them into technical requirements.

Another challenge was to comply with all requirements of the security market and safety-relevant certification standards. It is not easy to deliver this kind of quality and precision in the 24-GHz range, especially if the end products are to remain affordable. Since we strive to bring out the best of this technology, this presented some challenging tasks. Luckily, we were able to rely on our wealth of experience from previous projects.

We managed all these hurdles thanks to good planning and collaboration. Our team was rewarded for their hard work during the application tests. It was a lot of fun testing the development outside the laboratory setting.

You will find more information about the new products from the InnoSenT Sales team. Through a personal consultation, you will quickly be able to figure out which radar solution suits you. You can also get an initial overview of the technical features of the product series by visiting the company’s official website.