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Press release InnoSenT GmbH February 15, 2019


New radar systems enable quick integration

InnoSenT minimises development costs for security technology manufacturers with the Smart Tracker.

Donnersdorf, 08/02/2019. InnoSenT GmbH has launched new products on the market. The iSYS-5011 and iSYS 5021 radar systems facilitate use of radar technology by boasting a special tracking function and are perfectly suited to meet the requirements of the security industry. They are joining the successful product family of the iSYS-5010 and 5020, designed for the reliable surveillance of large outdoor areas independently of weather conditions. In combination with security cameras, the series significantly reduces false alarms and boosts efficiency.

The new systems’ special feature is the implemented tracking function. It is used to track all moving objects within the up to 29.500 m² detection area. The Smart Tracker combines radar detections with tracked data (tracks) and allows the anonymous monitoring of relevant events. The tracks continue being recorded even if a person stops moving briefly, changes postures or starts crawling. The visualisation delivers information on the movement behaviour of up to 20 persons at the same time. In addition, the InnoSenT GmbH radar experts have developed an intelligent classification system which reliably distinguishes between persons and vehicles. This way, the tracker hides irrelevant detections such as static objects or trees moving in the wind. Users can also individually define alarm and ignore zones in order to focus on certain areas.

Monitoring events using the Smart Tracker proves especially effective when coupled with additional security measures. For example, the tracking function targets the security camera’s field of view on a person entering the alarm area. The technology can also trigger additional actions, such as lights or alarm systems. Until now, customers were obliged to incur high development efforts in order to benefit from such features.

With the new iSYS-5011 and 5021, the B2B company is responding to increasing interest in radar within the security sector and lowering the initial hurdle for manufacturers of security systems to get started with this technology. InnoSenT’s new products make the technology accessible to customers with no or very little signal processing expertise. The Smart Tracker enables easy system integration, thereby shortening the decisive time-to-market phase. In order to enable customers to easily test and implement the new radar system in their own products and software, they have access to an evaluation kit designed for this purpose and featuring the InnoSenT GUI. Due to advantages such no dependency on light and weather conditions, low maintenance, a large detection range, filtering of interference factors (e.g. small animals and insects) as well as unrestricted functionality in extreme conditions, radar is gaining in popularity in the security sector. Further information on the InnoSenT product portfolio for security technology can be found on the company website.



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