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EMS Dienstleistung bei InnoSenT

Three questions for the EMS team:

InnoSenT and the production service

Even early on, InnoSenT GmbH gained initial experience as a service provider through client-specific radar projects. The clients first received HF development support. However, orders came in one after the other to also take on production steps.

For the radar technology company, this was an ideal opportunity to efficiently utilise placement capacities that had become available. Demand rose quickly.

Therefore, in 2015 InnoSenT made the decision to officially offer electronics production to external companies as a service. For two years, the service has even been established as an independent business unit within the company.

So it is high time to present the EMS service: Florian Herbst, Sales representative of the EMS Department at InnoSenT, answers three elementary questions for our blog series.

  1. What is EMS*?

FH: The English term comprises various types of electronics services. It refers primarily to contract manufacturing of various electronic components as well as finished electronic products. In short, an EMS provider carries out placement and produces products on behalf of other companies.

This is a form of outsourcing. This is often referred to as the ‘extended workbench’, it grants companies manufacturing capacity and flexibility. They benefit from service providers’ new technologies and can focus on other business units.

In addition to the placement services themselves, EMS suppliers often also take on additional tasks in the fields of engineering or after-sales.

  1. What services do we offer at InnoSenT and what are the tasks of the EMS team?

FH: We are an all-round service partner. Due to our competencies, we thus offer more than the mere placement of PCB components. InnoSenT can, in fact, support its clients from the beginning to the end of the product manufacturing cycle.

If a client needs support with product development, for instance, they can rely on our experienced expert team. We also relieve them with project planning, processing, or material procurement.

They have the opportunity to fully exploit our high-quality technical equipment. If desired, they not only make use of various production processes, but they can also subject the products to various inspections and tests.

We even take care of the pre-assembly and final assembly. This allows the complete device construction to be carried out in our plant halls. And you wish, we will assist you with storage or international shipping.

Our EMS team is primarily responsible for supporting EMS clients. We are in constant dialogue with the client and help implement their requirements. We are the central point of interdisciplinary cooperation between the various departments, such as Purchasing, Development, and Production. This way, we ensure that production projects run smoothly and are always available to answer questions.

We are also responsible for sales activities. It is our pleasure to advise prospective clients and existing ones alike about our service portfolio. We thus render our services on site through our field staff if necessary. This is usually relevant to new client acquisition.

We visit prospective clients or existing ones to present ourselves directly on site and work through the individual collaboration opportunities together. After all, we wish to further expand the EMS team at InnoSenT.

  1. What sets InnoSenT apart as an EMS service provider?

FH: That’s easy: our high quality standards, which we have been adhering to for our own products since our company was founded.

Radar sensor systems are often used in safety applications and are highly sensitive. Quality and reliability therefore are extremely important.

We work extraordinarily diligently and subject the production results very intense tests. This also holds true, of course, for the products for our EMS clients. The InnoSenT’s quality level boasts multiple certifications, including the industry-specific standard of the rail industry.

We also offer maximum efficiency, flexibility, and individuality for electronics production. For the most part, we have our highly qualified and experienced employees to thank for this. They have deeply internalised the idea of service. The entire team is devoted to implementing client-specific requirements.

Procuring new technical equipment or adapting our internal processes also poses no problem for us. We always have client requests on our radar. After all, it is absolutely crucial to maintain good client relationships. We rely on client-oriented support and open communication.

Whether it be an order for individual samples, small runs or large ones. InnoSenT supports its clients proactively with its expertise where necessary.


Thank you for your time!

For more information on the EMS services offered by InnoSenT GmbH, please click here.


Caution! Risk of confusion here. Many people encounter the abbreviation EMS in form of a workout method (electrical muscle stimulation). But InnoSenT is not a provider of this kind of training. In this context, EMS stands for ‘electronics manufacturing services’, i.e. placement and manufacturing services for industry.

Personal details

Florian Herbst has been employed at InnoSenT since the beginning of 2018. He was thus involved in the development of EMS services becoming a separate business unit at InnoSenT. As a sales representative, he is responsible for customer service and field sales as well as sales activities within the EMS unit. This includes such tasks as consulting regarding the service portfolio, support for existing clients during production projects, and the acquisition of new clients. He is available to prospective clients and existing ones to answer questions and provide suggestions and acts as a mouthpiece for client-specific requests and requirements.

“My biggest highlight at InnoSenT so far has been an outsourcing project for a large-scale client. They no longer produce just one of their systems at our premises but have now outsourced the production of all their system variants to InnoSenT. Great projects are already in the works for 2020. For example, we will take on the complete device construction for one industrial radar system client. Furthermore, I am particularly excited about the expansion of the EMS unit and the constantly growing client contact as a result”, says Florian Herbst regarding his work as a contact person for the EMS services at InnoSenT.

Florian Herbst
EMS Sales Representative
Phone: +49-9528-9518-1274
E-Mail: Florian.herbst[at]